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Dr. John ZielonkaDr. John Zielonka

Dr. Zielonka is one of Ottawa’s most trusted and best known health and wellness experts. His unique approach enables people to make informed choices and take an active role in their health. Only by looking at all of the factors related to one’s health can they maximize their true health potential.

Dr. Zielonka is a Doctor of Chiropractic, holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, has a Fellowship in Natural Supplementation and Anti-Aging, is a certified rehabilitation doctor, a certified occupational health consultant and is the Director of Health and Wellness Canada. He is the author of “Healthellaneous”, “Nutrition Insanity”, “Healthy Beliefs Deadly Choices” and co-author of the “World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed, Volume 3” which pre-sold over 70,000 copies. His latest book, “The Science of Vitamins Meets Optimum Health and Common Sense” hit bookstores in February 2012. His Human Performance Lecture Series is the most comprehensive one of its kind in Canada with 63 different health topics of which some are now available on DVD. He has made numerous television and radio appearances including being a regular contributor to CTV Morning Live and he is the founder of National Health Day in Canada. He is the owner of the Ottawa Chiropractic & Natural Health Centre in Canada’s capital, considered by many to be the premier centre for health in Ottawa.

His patients have included everyone from the world’s fastest man, gold medal Olympic athletes, NHL, NFL and CFL players to past prime ministers, major corporations and newborn babies – yes, right there with them in the delivery room.

Dr. Zielonka, along with his wife Katherine, super-healthy daughter Breana, energy-filled twin boys Tyler and Ryan, dog Jack, cats Haley, Dexter and Darth and horses Billy and Tommy strive to make the world a healthier place.

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Website: www.excellenceinhealth.com

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